• Well, what a summer! Mother nature’s garden sprinkler has certainly been running overtime. The plentiful moisture and high temps have given us a sauna-like feeling outdoors. I have seen several patients with symptoms of heat intolerance. People often fail to understand the stress that the combination of heat plus humidity can place on our bodies. Failing to drink enough fluids to help protect ourselves will cause dehydration and affect our ability to tolerate the heat. We fail to understand the risk that poor physical conditioning and increased age can play in how we tolerate the summer stress. Although the summer may be waning , there will still be several more days of high temps and humidity. So, be prepared. 
  •     With Labor Day behind us, it is time to get your flu vaccine. This is so important for you. So many people jeopardize their health by not receiving this simple vaccine. Most insurance companies cover this vaccine at 100%.  It will NOT make you sick!  We average approximately 36,000 deaths yearly from the flu. That is slightly less than breast cancer deaths, and the flu can be preventable with annual flu vaccine. Wow!  Get the flu vaccine. 
  •     Exercise. I always tell patients that exercise acts like a medicine by restoring and repairing things in our bodies that are broken. These repairs have shown to extend your life by 5-10 years. That’s a pretty darn cheap pill. Show me something other than smoking cessation that will add that many years to your life. More importantly, what we can do at home is physical activity. Mowing the grass, raking the leaves, washing the car and walking your pets are all exercise. Physical activity includes all movement, not just throwing a ball through a basket. Get out and move !
  •     Don’t forget to check on your family, neighbors and friends. Make sure they are ok. One of the many reasons small towns are great is the relationships that we hold dear with our fellow local citizens. 
  •     Fall brings so many great events and memories. The beautiful fall colors will come in brilliant hues. The summer heat fades to more tolerable cooler temps and decreasing humidity, bringing on one long last chance to be outside to enjoy nature’s beauty. Football, soccer and cross country dominate the fall outdoors, volleyball is going on indoors. Go to a game. Enjoy the activity. For me, watching the fall harvest is always exciting. Everyday you can see another field depleted of its grain, fall wheat planted and cover crops beginning to grow. It’s actually pretty cool to watch the progression. A word of caution, today’s farm equipment is BIG. Tractors and combines cannot stop quickly or pull over in a moment’s notice. This was reminded to me when driving one of the amazing beasts down the highway this week…………. you will lose if you run into of these behemoths!
  •     We look forward  to seeing you for your medical needs. We have added Botox and Juvaderm fillers to our Bliss line of skin care procedures. Give us a call, we will do our best to help you. 

          Last thought. “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and blind can see.” Mark Twain. 

          Dr Tom. 

Tom Thompson