Spring ’17

Happy Spring!

     Not much of a Winter…… the older I become, the less inclined I am to see a long, hard Winter. Hmm, never thought I would feel that way, but alas Spring is on its way. I saw more blooming flowers in February than ever and haven’t seen much to slow that down.

      One thing that did come our way was the flu. We have had more cases in February and March than we have had in several years. Although we have seen an improvement in the flu vaccine administration rate, I am always totally amazed by the continued reluctance of many to get a flu vaccine. The reasons given for not having one are at best weak and often quite hilarious, but uniformly wrong. This is America though and I respect your right to refuse. It is, as I say……. good for business!  

      Many of us have heard of someone that actually received a flu vaccine, and still got the flu.  Although the vaccine may only be 40-70% effective in a given year, they still keep us from developing severe life threatening effects of the flu. In other words, you still may get the flu, but most of the time you won’t be as sick. There will always be exceptions but the bottom line is, get vaccinated every year. Plus, next year we will have the quadrivalent vaccine as the the preferred vaccine over the older trivalent vaccine that’s been used for years. 

      Do your allergies seem to be worse year after year? Then you might consider allergy testing to help with your symptoms. Although not a first line treatment for allergies, which should include nasal steroids and antihistamines, they may be valuable for those of us that have chronic symptoms throughout the year and especially during the Spring and Summer months. If interested, let us know and we will see if allergy testing may be appropriate for you & how it is covered by your insurance. 

        I’m not going to beat you up again about exercise……. but there is no medicine with more benefits than exercise. Exercise does so many beneficial things to improve our bodies. Blood pressure control, weight control, cholesterol management, arthritis, stress reduction, heart, kidney, brain, blood vessel improvement. I could go on and on…..Exercise is something that has to be part of your daily agenda. 

       We have added more options to our Bliss skin care line. We now have added the Allergan line of Dermal Fillers along with Botox to improve your facial features.  We are seeing awesome results as many have taken advantage of these products. If you would like to be added to our text notification system for updates on skin care products, special pricing or promotions on skin care treatments, please call us at 812-743-5113. Get signed up today!

      I hope this Spring finds you with a renewed interest in getting out and moving. Enjoy the landscape that surrounds us and the new energy that fills each of us when the sun shines.  The trees are leafing out and flowers are blooming everywhere. Keep in touch!

Tom Thompson