Early Spring

It’s coming. The grass is greener, Daffodils abloom, even an occasional dandelion shows its yellow flower.  Spring is upon us.  With it comes the brightened colors of yards, trees and fields. You hear the early sounds of birds and frogs with the first warm days and nights. These early landscape changes help us to dismiss the drab view of winter.  These occurrences heighten our senses to the yearly renewal that spring provides us. 

With the coming of Spring, let’s look at some things we can do to rejuvenate ourselves. First, how many times do I hear the phrase “when it gets warmer, I am going to start walking or exercising or biking or…….” Well it’s getting warmer and I suspect you might be heavier from the winter lull, so GET MOVING!  The single greatest thing that we can do to improve our personal health is to move. Bypass the couch or chair and get moving. Not only will your heart and lungs improve, but your joints and muscles while at first may rebel, will show considerable improvement in how well they function. 

I often use the analogy of a rusty gate hinge. If the gate is only opened weekly, the hinge continues to be very difficult to open. But if the same gate is repeatedly opened daily, even without any lubricant, it will open much better. The same goes for our own joints and muscles. Use them, they will respond over time. 

Spring should also remind us to consider a change in our diet. Let’s face it, diets suck in the winter. Actually diets suck period. Most people who go on a diet, fail.  So don’t go on one. Instead consider this; eat well. Lean meats and less of them, all the colorful vegetables you can shove in, a wide variety of fruit… Oh yah, OJ and fruit juice drinks are not good; they are loaded with added sugars.  TRY to limit the white foods, i.e. potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, and sugar. Quit having a large evening meal and don’t snack at night. If you honestly try to use these tips, I bet you will lose weight !

Allergy season is upon us and we have added allergy testing to help you fight this very annoying problem. It’s not for everyone, but for those who really struggle with allergic symptoms this may help. Let us help you with your allergies.

May 8th through the 15th is National Women’s Health Week. Kathy and staff are organizing a 5 K run/ walk on Saturday May 14th to celebrate this week. We will also be discussing our skin care line of products and procedures. Our aesthetician Kaycee will be on hand to answer your skin care questions.  We will have testers of our products and skin care consultations, so come and enjoy. Payton Lynn, an up and coming Nashville country star will be singing for “Country Against Cancer” with proceeds to benefit St Jude’s hospital. 

Thanks to Kathy and Teri, we now have an official Facebook page. Check it out sometime and give us some feedback to the services we are trying to provide for the community. Keep in touch with us. 

Well… ENJOY spring!! Get out there and do something. If you hear a gobbler off in the distance, or see a swirl on the water of a big bass, think of me. My health is always better with the onset of spring.

I leave you with this thought;

It’s not what your skin pigmentation is, nor your socioeconomic position, or your sexual orientation…….. But from womb to tomb what kind of life you live and the legacy you leave. 

Dr. Tom