Thompson Family Clinic History by William C. Thompson II

The Thompson Family Clinic came into existence in 1952.

After graduating from the Business school at Indiana University in 1938, my dad came back to Knox County  to pursue a career in retail management.  In 1943 he enlisted in the army and through an interesting set of circumstances he became an Army Medic. He was stationed at Dover hospital in England.  After D-Day, Dad’s medical group followed the troops to Germany. Dad had found a new love in medicine. In 1946 he returned to IU  to get his required courses for medical school. He eventually was accepted to Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (now Midwestern university).

Dad returned to Monroe City to start his career in family practice. He began in small offices in both Monroe City and Wheatland, and in 1962 built the office that stands today.

Tragically, Dad lost his life to a cerebral hemorrhage in August 1964. His nephew Jerry Like, whom he helped raise, had recently graduated from CCOM and started his family practice in Elberfeld, IN.  Dr. Like came to the Monroe City office and worked on Thursdays and Saturdays from 1964 to 1982, keeping the office open. I returned in 1982 upon completion of my medical school education.   I have been honored to continue the practice that my dad started and my cousin Jerry kept alive.

Now 40 years later, Thompson Family Clinic still  strives to provide a wide range of primary care services. We truly are the epitome of what a small town primary care practice should be.

Over 60 years ago through a strange twist of events my dad was able to start his small town family practice. Today, we honor his memory by continuing his dream.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional primary care in a rural setting.

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