Kathy S. Brinkman NP

Brinkman_1Kathy Sue Brinkman is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Monroe City, Indiana. She has been a NP for the past 17 years at Thompson Family Clinic. Kathy started her health care career in 1976 as a nursing assistant at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital in Lawrenceville, Illinois and during her time there graduated from Vincennes University with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. She then moved to Terre Haute Indiana and was employed at Union Hospital as a RN while completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Indiana State University (ISU). After graduating in 1984, Kathy moved to Evansville, Indiana and worked at St. Mary’s Medical Center in the Emergency Department for the next 5 years in the roles of Staff Nurse and Nursing Manager. In 1989, she moved back to her hometown of Lawrenceville, Illinois and became the Director of Nursing at Crawford Memorial Hospital in Robinson, Illinois for the next 6 years and during this time finished her Master’s Degree in Nursing at ISU. In 1996, Kathy took on the position of Nurse Manager at Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana for the next 9 years. After exploring the diverse roles of nursing, Kathy put a plan into action to become a Nurse Practitioner and graduated with a Post-Master’s Certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner from University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana in 2005. After graduation, Kathy found Thompson Family Clinic and their great staff only about thirty highway miles from home. She has met many great patients and their families and continues to learn the family trees that have been present for generations in this great community. Kathy loves the fact that after 40+ years in the health care field, she has friends in various health care systems and communities within a sixty mile radius and more from her home in Lawrenceville, Illinois.

Education, as you see above, is at the top of Kathy’s list of things to do. She enjoys learning and staying abreast of the latest in health care to bring that knowledge to her patients and their families on a daily basis. She is very proud of the care provided by the staff at Thompson Family Clinic and the impact that it has on the community.

Kathy has been actively involved in serving on nursing committees and holding leadership roles in nursing throughout her career as well as social community groups such as Delta Theta Tau whose focus is on meeting the needs of the children of the community. She serves as a mentor for community service workers through the Lawrence County Judicial System.

Kathy is married to Dr. Gary Carr who is a family physician in Lawrenceville, Illinois. They have two children: Braden who is employed by Duke Energy where he works in sub-station maintenance in Vincennes.  He and his wife Lisa also reside in Lawrence County. Her daughter Blaire is a Medical Laboratory Scientist and works at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Family is extremely important to Kathy, which is why she is back in Lawrenceville after thinking as a college student that she was going to be out somewhere “far away from this place.” In reality, she has lived within a sixty mile radius of her hometown her entire life and she does not regret it one bit. Kathy enjoys shopping, of course, traveling to new places, and riding her 4-wheeler thru the woods in all kinds of weather. Kathy sees a sign hanging in the office when she arrives each morning that states, “Welcome to Paradise” and she has to agree that it really is!

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